Angel Workshop
Melbourne Australia

Date: TBA

Time: 10:00am - 3.00pm. With 30 minute Lunch Break at 12pm

Place: Craigieburn Melbourne.

Cost: $100.00
Payable to Doreen. Paypal

Bookings are Essential.

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Contact Doreen:

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Learn about Angels and how to invite their MAGIC into your life.
Are you ready to create positive changes and to bring love,
abundance and good health into your life?

Angels are Divine Beings that are sent by God to help us humans in our everyday lives.
You don't have to be religious to believe in Angels.
Each of us has the ability to communicate with Angels.

Develop your higher senses and become aware of their presence.

Angel Workshops are a lot of fun.

We will be learning about Angels.
Healing meditation.
Meditation to meet your Animal Totem, Guides and Angel.
House Blessing.
How to setup and use your Angel Altar.

Angel Readings.

The Angels are here to help us get a bit closer to Heaven.

Full Payment For Angel Workshop
Non-Refundable  $100.00