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Houses In Astrology
1st House: Angular. Natural Sign: Aries. Natural Ruler: Mars.
Self, how others see you, the way you express yourself, your appearance.

2nd House: Succedent. Natural Sign: Taurus. Natural Ruler: Venus.
Earnings, possessions, spending attitude and sense of value.

3rd House: Cadent. Natural Sign: Gemini. Natural Ruler: Mercury.
Communications, relatives, schooling, transport, neighbours, brothers and sisters.

4th house: Angular. Natural Sign: Cancer. Natural Ruler: the Moon.
Home, parents, tradition, real estate,

5th House: Succedent. Natural Sign: Leo. Natural Ruler: the Sun.
Everything we create, children, art and craft, hobbies, pleasures, sport, love affairs.

6th House: Cadent. Natural Sign: Virgo. Natural Ruler: Mercury.
Health, service to or from others, working conditions, diet and pets.
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7th House: Angular. Natural Sign: Libra. Natural Ruler: Venus.
Relationship with others, our spouse, partnerships, lawsuits and contracts.

8th House: Succedent. Natural Sign: Scorpio. Natural Ruler: Pluto.
Inheritances, taxes, insurance, sex, death, regeneration, occult, crimes, research.

9th House: Cadent. Natural Sign: Sagittarius. Natural Ruler: Jupiter.
Inlaws, long journeys, higher education, all overseas matters, philosophy, religion.

10th House: Angular. Natural Sign: Capricorn. Natural Ruler: Saturn.
Career, status, profession, ambition, parents the opposite one in the 4th house.

11th House: Succedent. Natural Sign: Aquarius. Natural Ruler: Uranus.
Friends, aspirations, clubs, groups, social life, hopes and wishes.

12th house: Cadent. Natural Sign: Pisces. Natural Ruler: Neptune.
Behind the scenes activities, secrets, sacrifices, your own undoing, institutions, limitations.

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There are twelve houses in astrology and each house relates to an area of life, while the signs reveal your character traits.
The 1st to the 6th, relates to the personal areas of life.
The 7th to the 12th deals with others and outside or impersonal activities.

Comparing astrology to acting, the planets are the actors, the signs are what role they play in your life and the house they are in, is the setting, [in the area of life].

Each planet will fall into one of these houses.
You may have more than one planet in each house and may have some empty houses