Contact Doreen with all enquiries: info@sunzmoonz.com
Doreen Van Boxtel
Contact Doreen with all enquiries: info@sunzmoonz.com
Poppet Magick
Sympathetic Magick.

Poppet magick is simply a doll representing a person. Poppet magick is not voodoo.
Poppet dolls are crafted to form the likeness of someone and to strengthen the connection to the person represented.
They can be made as simple or as elaborate as you like.
The biggest advantage to poppet magick is that the spell is easy to undo, so it can be used for magick that is of temporary duration.
If you want to stop the spell, simply take it apart.


Poppet magick is a very powerful for of magick and for this reason it is important to use it with care.
Never make a poppet to represent another person without their permission.
Never construct a poppet for malicious purposes to harm another person.
The Threefold Law applies.
Three times what you giveth returns to thee.

Be aware that the poppet represents a person [animal] and should be treated gently and stored where it will be safe and secure.
You never burn a poppet. If you want to work with the Fire Element, use candle magick instead

Poppet Doll $15.00 Plus Postage.
For Spells &Charms.

New Hand Made Poppets for Healing [person, Animal] [Cat & Dog]  Protection, Love, Abundance.

Size. [Approximately]
Height: 13cm
Width: 10cm

Each Poppet contains some fibre filling, Herbs x 3. It will have an opening for you to place a Taglock into.
Sew it or close it.
Taglock: Hair, nail clippings, body fluid such as blood, saliva, semen.

Pink for love. New Relationship or to rekindle Existing Relationship
Green for Healing or Money.
Black for protection. Removing Hexes, Curses, Jealously and Negativity from others.
Brown for Animals. Do you have a pet that needs healing, more energy.
White for any other issue. White is purity.

You will receive instruction how to connect your Poppet to the person, animal etc. And how to dispose of the Poppet after the magick has manifested.

Cost is $15.00 Plus $7.50 Postage.

I am located in Craigieburn. Melbourne.
Contact me to order.