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Reiki For Pets in Craigieburn.
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Reiki : Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key, and is a Japanese word representing  Universal energy.

Reiki is a complementary therapy to be used in conjunction with Tradtional Veterninary Treatments.
Reiki is applied to treat dis-ease and promote the animals wellbeing. Animals love Reiki. It is gentle and can never do any harm.
Reiki when activated and used for healing, addresses the animals body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is recommended for treating pain, anxiety and behaviour problems.
The Reiki treatment is done by the Reiki Practitioner by placing his/her hands on the animal at different locations on their body.
Reiki can be given to any type of animal. If the animal is considered poisonous, wild and dangerous, it is best to treat them using Distant Healing.

It accelerates the animals body's ability to heal its physical ailments.
It  increases vitality and stamina.
Strengthens the immune system.
Helps alleviate pain.
Accelerates healing following surgery or illness.
Helps with relaxation and reduces stress.
Can help with behaviour issues.
It helps to cleanse the body of toxins.
If your beloved pet is dying, Reiki can bring you and them peace and comfort during this difficult time.
No diagnosis is required as Reiki goes where it is needed.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional veterninary treatment.
It complements other health care.
Reiki can do no harm and does not interfere with any other treatment or medication.

Reiki For Pets Treatments
Appointment Only.

To Book a Reiki Treatment Contact Doreen.
Sms or call 0415558425

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Reiki For Pets Distant Treatments

Payment must be completed 2 days before the Appointment.

Reiki for Pets 30 minutes $40.00

To Book a Distant Reiki Treatment Contact Doreen.
Sms or call 0415558425