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Glyph in Astrology

Aries . Glyph: ram's horns 
Taurus. Glyph: Bull's head and horns 
Gemini. Glyph: roman numeral 2
a Cancer. Glyph: crabs claws
b Leo. Glyph: lion's tail 
Virgo. Glyph: spelling of a Greek word for "virgin"
d Libra. Glyph: the scales
e Scorpio. Glyph: scorpion's tail and its sting
f Sagittarius. Glyph: archer's arrow
g Capricorn. Glyph: seagoat's horn and tail
h Aquarius. Glyph: waves of water or electricity
i Pisces. Glyph: two fish tied together

The symbol for Aries is the ram's horn. In mythology Zeus placed the likeness of a golden ram in the heavens.

The symbol for Taurus is a bull's head. In mythology Taurus was Zeus disguised as a bull. When he was finished with the disguise he placed the bull in the heavens.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins. In Egypt, it was known as the two stars and took its name from the "twin" stars Caster and Pollux, the brightest of the constellation.

The symbol for Cancer is the crab. The origin of the crab lies in Babylon, while in Egypt, two turtles sometimes represented the sign. It appears as a crab again in Greek mythology, biting Hercules in the foot.

The symbol for Leo is the lion's tail. The Greeks and the Romans called Leo the Nemean Lion. One of the twelve tasks that Hercules had to perform was to struggle with the lion and thus commemorate his strength and courage.

The symbol for Virgo is the corruption of the Greek word for "Virgin" The Greeks tell the story of Astraea who during the golden age when gods lived among men on the Earth was the last immortal to return to the sky, where she shines as the constellation Virgo. Virgo is also associated with the harvest of wheat and corn. The Romans called her Ceres and hold an annual festival in her honour.

The symbol for Libra is the scales. Throughout the ages Libra has been associated with equilibrium.

The symbol for Scorpio has a duel representation, the tail and the sting of a scorpion and the eagle.

The symbol for Sagittarius is half man, half Horse. It can be seen as an arrow and a short section of bow. In Greek mythology, the Centaur, Chiron was renowned as a philosopher and was well versed in the arts.

The symbol for Capricorn is the goat's horns. Mythological there is some connection with Pan, who leapt into the Nile changing the upper half of his body into a goat, the lower half into a fish.

The symbol for Aquarius is water pouring from an urn. In mythology, Aquarius represented the historical deluge of the communication of all people. The waves are seen as vibrations rather than water.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish tied together with a silver cord. Frightened by the giant Typhon, Venus and Cupid threw themselves into the Euphrates and became fishes. They were placed in the heavens by Minerva.

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Sun -Glyph: Shield of Helios or circle of infinity. The dot represents the person within.

Moon- Glyph: Moon in the first quarter.

Mercury-Glyph: winged cap of god mercury.

Venus- Glyph: mirror of vanity of the goddess Venus.

Mars- Glyph: shield and spear of Mars, the god of war.

Jupiter- Glyph: first letter for the Greek spelling for the god Zeus.

Saturn - Glyph: Sickle of Chronos, the god of time.

Uranus- Glyph: derivation of letter "H" for its discover, Herschel, in 1781.

Neptune- Glyph: trident of Poseidon, the sea god.

Pluto -Glyph: is derived from the letters "PL" for its discovery. Percival Lowell in 1930. The other represents a cross of matter topped by the cresent moon and above hovers circle of infinity.

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