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Planets and Aspects in Astrology

The Sun is your identity and whatever house you find the Sun in is where you will shine. [Takes one year to complete the cycle of the zodiac]

The Moon is your emotions and where you find the Moon in the chart is where you will be subject to emotional up and downs. The Moon rules Cancer. [Takes 28 days to complete one cycle]

Mercury is our intellect and reasoning ability and where you find Mercury in the chart shows where you communicate well. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.[Takes 88 days to complete one orbit of the Sun]

Venus is our affection the planet of love and sensuality and where you find Venus shows what you really enjoy. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. [Takes 224 1/2 days to complete one orbit of the Sun]

Mars is our energy and where we are put into action, so wherever Mars is in the chart is where we use our more energy. Mars rules Aries. [Takes 22 months to complete one cycle of the zodiac]

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and wherever Jupiter is is where you often have good fortune. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.  [Takes 12 years for one cycle]

Saturn is the teacher of the chart and wherever Saturn is found is where we feel least secure and feel restricted. Saturn rules Capricorn. [ Takes 28 - 30 years for one cycle]

Uranus is the planet of independence, wherever Uranus is in the chart is where you tend to be unusual. Uranus rules Aquarius. [ Takes 84 years for one cycle]

Neptune is the planet of intuition and illusion, wherever Neptune is in the chart is where  you tend to deceive yourself and others, it is also where you seek the ideal. Neptune rules Pisces.  [ Takes 165 years for one cycle]

Pluto is the planet of transformation and where you find Pluto in the chart is where you will have to solve problems alone and unaided. Pluto rules Scorpio. [ Takes 248 years for one cycle.

The Nodes of the Moon are not celestial bodies, they are points in celestil longitude where the Moon crosses over the ecliptic [path of the Sun].
North Node is a point of gain. It is where you take in or given to. Where it is on your chart is where you should strive for fulfillment.
North Node is a point of release or letting go. It is where you must give or are taken from. Where it is in your chart is where you may take the easy way out.

In learning to see ourselves clearly we discover our talents and faults, and are able to face challenges as they present themselves to us, thus making our life more productive, purposeful and fulfilling.

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An aspect is an angular relationship between two planets and in other points of the chart. An aspect shows how the planets interrelate and how they function in a personal chart.
It can be used to teach us to grow and improve our life.
They can be harmonious or inharmonious. They are divided into two groups, major aspects and minor aspects

Major Aspects:

An aspect formed when two or more planets are located at the same zodiacal degree. It gives more emphasis to a sign, since two or more planets are involved. Conjunctions are considered favorable or unfavorable depending on the planets involved.

An aspect of 90 degrees apart. Squares are obstacles and challenges that we are faced with. Used constructively, it will motivate the person into taking action to overcome the obstacles. Used destructively, will cause frustration and the continued presence of the challenge or obstacle.

An aspect of 180 degrees apart. An Opposition is tension and stress and will involve other people.

An aspect of 120 degrees apart. A positive aspect. A Trine is usually a helpful aspect. It helps us achieve our goals with very little effort.
An aspect of 60 degrees apart. A positive aspect. A Sextile presents us with opportunities. It is the opportunity that comes without effort on our part.

Minor Aspects

An aspect of 30 degrees apart. The Semi-sextile brings lack of ease and partial development of interests.

An aspect of 45 degrees apart. Semi-square is irritating and minor friction.

Quincunx /Inconjunct
An aspect of 150 degrees apart. Quincunx/Inconjunct means we have to re-adjust or put ourselves out to suit conditions.

An aspect of 135 degrees apart, the combination of a square and a semi-square. The sesquiquadrate brings mental and emotional unrest and hurt to others.

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