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Complete Astrology Reports and Charts.

Astrology Birth Chart

An Astrology Birthchart Chart is a map of the Heavens at the time you where born.
You are not just your "Sun Sign" there are lots of other influences in your Birth Chart that make up who "YOU" are.

In your astrology repor tit will show where you will shine in life [where your sun is],
Where you are subject to emotional ups and downs [where your moon is], your reasoning ability [Mercury], what you really enjoy [Venus], where you expend the greatest energy [Mars], where you have good fortune [Jupiter], where you feel least secure [Saturn], where you tend to be unusual [Uranus], where you seek the ideal and deceive yourself [Neptune], where you find complexities and need to solve problems unaided.

Up to 25 pages of information about "YOU'
A character profile that shows you strengths [gifts] and weaknesses [challenges] about yourself.

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Compatibility Chart and Interpretation.

Find out how compatible you really are with another person.

The Compatibility chart uses both Dates of Births and Place of Birth to show the strengths and weaknesses in your Relationship with the Other person.

Is your relationship going well ? or Do you have to work at it ?.

Up to 25 pages.
Email Report [no postage charge] $60.00

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Email me YOU and OTHER person's Name, Time, Date and Place of Birth to Doreen

Astrology Birth Chart

Compatibility Chart

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