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Birth Report.

$100.00 AUD
Did you often wonder, why you are here and where are you going?
Your date of birth indicates our reason for being here, our purpose in life and what we have chosen to learn in this incarnation.
Our name reveals how we interact with people, what motivates us, what others thinks of us at that first meeting, the first impression we make.

Up to 20 pages of information about YOU.
Personally interpreted. Not computerized.
Email Doreen: Your full name at birth, any name changes [eg. married name] and your date of birth to

Numerology Course
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Numerology is a science of numbers.

Every number has a meaning.

Your Name/s and Date of Birth are analysed to answer that age old question,  "Who am I", "Why am I here" and "Where am I  going".

Many people get to a stage in their life where they feel stuck and start to question their life.
Numerology is a method of character analysis which uses the Name/s to solve that question.
Numerology enables us to take an objective, unbiased look at ourselves and discover our natural talents and abilities.

A Numerology Report will explain your SOUL'S CONTRACT.

]What you came to learn in this lifetime.]

Your Date of Birth reveals your Life Path, lessons to be learned, path to take and goals in life.

Your Date of Birth also shows the Cycles and Challenges for you to overcome at different stages of your life.

What Does Your Name Say About YOU?

What is really in a name?

It contains the essence of a person’s being and all the characteristics of that person.

The Name given to you at BIRTH is the vibration you arrived with and it represents your Character and your Potential.
What Motivates You. Your Strengths and Weakness.
Are you a Leader or Nurturer. Or perhaps you are here to be the Social Butterfly or to Work Hard?

Any Name changes in life are significant.

When a woman gets married she may change her Surname.
Also, some people change their Name by Depol. These changes are significant.

My students often ask me “How can changing your Name make that much difference”?

When a Name changes, it vibrates at a different rate.
The person’s personality can change.

Example. If a person’s Path of Destiny [which is the whole Name added together] is a Leader and liked to be independent and not prepared to be a follower with the Birth Name.
When they may get married and change their Name,  their Path of Destiny with their married Name is a Peacemaker and they are happy to  follow their partner instead of taking the lead, this is how the personality can change.
Also, How people see them may also be different.
If you have weaknesses in your Name, with a Name change you may turn a weakness into a strength.

A Numerology Report will explain all about YOU and your SOUL’S CONTRACT.
[What you have come to learn in this lifetime.]

Up to 20 pages of information about “YOU”
Your Date of Birth is one number that cannot be altered.
You can change your Name as often as you like but your Date of Birth is the most important number that reveals “Why You are Here”. 
That cannot be changed.
Your Date of Birth reveals your Life Path, lessons to be learned, path to take and goals in life.
Your Date of Birth also shows the Cycles and Challenges to overcome at different stages of your life.

One benefit of a Numerology Reading is that it doesn’t require a personal visit.

Numerology Reports, Numerology Courses and Online Numerology Courses and Numerology Workshops are available.

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Business Name Reading

$50.00 AUD

A business name is one of the most important aspects in starting a company.
Your name represents the image and brand of your business.
Personally Interpreted By Doreen. NOT Computerised.

Email Doreen the Business Name and the Date you registered your Business.
It will be on your registration certificate.
If you want the Business Name analysed before you register the business then I can do that and then analysis the Date after you register.

Transit Report.

What does Your future hold?
$100.00 AUD

Once we are born we begin our journey of life.
A Numerology Transit report can help you navigate your way through all the different cycles of life.
You can learn to work and flow with your cycles rather than fight them.
You cannot change your cycles which are determined at birth, but you can recognise them,
you can use them to your advantage.

Included Name Transit for 78 years of your life.
Interpreted for 10 years from your present age
Being forewarned is forearmed.
Personally interpreted. Not computerized.
Email Doreen: Your Full Name on your Birth Certificate and your Date of Birth along with your payment to:

Sunz 'n' Moonz Oracle
Contact Doreen with all enquiries:
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Just using simple math's is all you need.

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A certificate will be issued on successfully completing the Numerology Course.

This Numerology Course is an Approved by International Institute Complementary Therapies. [I.I.C.T]

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