What is lenormand?

Lenormand is a cartomancy system of 36 cards.
Based on a German parlour game published in 1799
Das Spiel Der hoffnung, thr Game of Hope.
It was created by Johann Kaspar hechtel 1771 - 1799.
he was not a cartomancer. he was a German business man. he designed card games.
Marie Anne Antoinette lenormand, 1772 - 1843. She was a fortune teller to the stars.

Lenormand Card Meanings.
The 36 cards have the same meanings and appear in the same order as the other Lenormand decks. Some have card references, verses, numbers, playing card references. Some card decks do have extra cards added.

1.RIDER: Arrival, New situation, News and visits
2.CLOVER: Luck, chances, opportunities
3.SHIP: Travel, journeys, transport, movement.
4.HOUSE: Home & family life
5.TREE: Health, wellbeing, spirtuality, growth.
6.CLOUDS: Confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity.
7.SNAKE: Betrayal, big problems and untrustworthy.
8.COFFIN: Ending, death, finality.
9.BOUQUET: Blessings, beauty, gifts
10.SCYTHE: Cut, decisions, reductions, sudden, hurt.
11.WHIP: Struggles, hardship, sex, physical activity.
12.BIRDS: Communication, conversations, chatter.
13.CHILD: Children, youngster, beginner, small.
14.FOX: Work, survival, cunning, theft.
15.BEAR: Finances & power, security
16.STARS: Hopes & dreams, goals, ambitions, fame.
17.STORKS: New beginnings, fresh starts, change
18.DOG: Friends, loyalty, faithfulness.
19.TOWER: Buildings, organisations, officialdom & status
20.GARDEN: Social life, public arena, groups & networks
21.MOUNTAIN: Blocks and delays, obstacles
22.CROSSROADS: Options & pathways. Fork in the road.
23.MICE: Worries, anxiety, troubles, stress.
24.HEART: Loves, love life, passions
25.RING: Commitments, agreements, promises
26.BOOK: Knowledge, learning, secrets, information
27.LETTER: Messages, documents, written communications
28.MAN: A man, or men
29.WOMAN: A woman or women
30.LILY: Age, experience or wisdom, old person, retirement.
31.SUN: Successes, positivity, happiness
32.MOON: Emotions, creativity, feelings
33.KEY: Destiny, fate, significance, important.
34.FISH: Business, cash flow, independence
35.ANCHOR: Stability, things that are long-lasting, permanence
36.CROSS: Burdens & responsibilities, religion, negativity.

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