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Lenormand Card Meanings.

1.RIDER: Arrival, New situation, News and visits
2.CLOVER: Luck, chances, opportunities
3.SHIP: Travel, journeys, transport, movement.
4.HOUSE: Home & family life
5.TREE: Health, wellbeing, spirtuality, growth.
6.CLOUDS: Confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity.
7.SNAKE: Betrayal, big problems and untrustworthy.
8.COFFIN: Ending, death, finality.
9.BOUQUET: Blessings, beauty, gifts
10.SCYTHE: Cut, decisions, reductions, sudden, hurt.
11.WHIP: Struggles, hardship, sex, physical activity.
12.BIRDS: Communication, conversations, chatter.
13.CHILD: Children, youngster, beginner, small.
14.FOX: Work, survival, cunning, theft.
15.BEAR: Finances & power, security
16.STARS: Hopes & dreams, goals, ambitions, fame.
17.STORKS: New beginnings, fresh starts, change
18.DOG: Friends, loyalty, faithfulness.
19.TOWER: Buildings, organisations, officialdom & status
20.GARDEN: Social life, public arena, groups & networks
21.MOUNTAIN: Blocks and delays, obstacles
22.CROSSROADS: Options & pathways. Fork in the road.
23.MICE: Worries, anxiety, troubles, stress.
24.HEART: Loves, love life, passions
25.RING: Commitments, agreements, promises
26.BOOK: Knowledge, learning, secrets, information
27.LETTER: Messages, documents, written communications
28.MAN: A man, or men
29.WOMAN: A woman or women
30.LILY: Age, experience or wisdom, old person, retirement.
31.SUN: Successes, positivity, happiness
32.MOON: Emotions, creativity, feelings
33.KEY: Destiny, fate, significance, important.
34.FISH: Business, cash flow, independence
35.ANCHOR: Stability, things that are long-lasting, permanence
36.CROSS: Burdens & responsibilities, religion, negativity.

Contact Doreen with all enquiries: info@sunzmoonz.com