Wheel of the Year.
Southern Hemisphere.
Beltane (pronounced Bell-tain )

Southern Hemisphere.
Date: 31st October - 1st November - When the Sun is at 15 Scorpio degrees .

Northern Hemisphere
Date: 30th April - 1st May  - When the Sun is at 15 degrees Taurus

Beltane means Bright fire.
Beltane is the cross quarter day falling between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.
A time when days are growing longer and the Sun's strength is waxing.
A celebration for the fertility of the earth. This Sabbat is about new life, fire, passion and rebirth. A time when the earth is lush and green as new grass and trees return to life after a winter of dormancy.  Flowers begin to bloom.

Beltane can be seen as the time when the Solar Diety or Horned God has grown into a lusty young man ready to mate with the Lunar Goddess or Triple Goddess in her youthful, sensual Maiden aspect, ripe for fertilising.
It can be seen as the time of the year when the Oak King, symbolic of the earth God's lighter half reigns supreme having triumphed over his twin, rival darker side, the Holly King, at the proceeding Winter Solstice.
Beltane is the celebration of the Great Marriage between the Horned God and the May Queen/Virgin Goddess.
During the season of Beltane the Goddess conceives the Sun God and enters into the Mother aspect. Marking the beginning of summer.

Hand fasting rituals [weddings] were held at this time. The term tying the knot originated from these rituals.

A Fire Festival with bonfires, Maypoles and dancing.
The Celts honour the fertility of the gods with gifts and offerings.
Beltane is a time for the faeries, the appearance of flowers around this time of the year heralds the beginning of summer and shows us that the fae are hard at work.
Leave out food and other treats in your garden for them.
Beltane is a time for planting and sowing seeds [fertility].
Beltane is the perfect time for magical work relating to any type of prosperity.
This is a time the male energy is at its most potent. He is often displayed with a large erect phallus, and other symbols of his fertility including antlers, sticks, acorns and seeds.
You can include any of these things on your altar.
Make a Maypole centre piece for your altar unless you have lots of space outdoors to make a real one.
Use lots of green as well as bright colours on your altar.

Colours: dark green. Red. White
Incense: Floral or woody scent; lilac.
Crystals: Carnelian, Emerald. Malachite
Herbs: Roses. Vervain, Lemon Balm, Jasmine
Altar Decorations: Seasonal Flowers.
Food: Breads, cakes, oatmeal cakes, vanilla icecream, herbal wine.

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