Wheel of the Year.
Southern Hemisphere.
Imbolc (pronounced IM-bullug or IM-bulk )

Southern Hemisphere.
Date: 1st August - When the Sun is at 15 Leo degrees .

Northern Hemisphere
Date: 2nd February - When the Sun is at 15 degrees Aquarius

Imbolc, is the feast of the waxing light, as we begin to notice that the days are finally growing longer. It is also known as Candlemas.
Imbolc literally means "in milk" and corresponds to the time of the year when farm animals give birth. It is traditionally a time for initiation.
The goddess transforms from the wise one of winter to the girl of spring.
Imbolc was a fire festival in honour of Brighid, the Irish goddess of poetry, smith craft and healing. To honour the Celtic Fire Goddess Brighid [also known as Bride and brid] in her maiden aspect, we wear white robes and light many white candles and burn incense.
Corn dollies crafted during the previous year's Lughnasadh were ploughed back to the field as a way of asking the Goddess for a beautiful harvest.
Craft a Brighid Cross and hang at front door to bring in abundance.
A witches broom [besom] is an important tool at Imbolc for the sweeping away the old to make way for new ideas and plans.
Call in the new energy as we move to the Spring Equinox and a spell for new beginnings will act as a porthole for change.
Declutter your home. Do a house blessing. Candle making  at this time was considered especially lucky.

We now begin to notice the gradual lengthening of the days. Some bulbs and plants may even be pushing through the ground. For the courage and wisdom to survive the rest of winter and to free our own trapped energy we call upon Brigit for assistance.

Ritual: Focus on New growth, purification. Candle rituals. Burn Yule greens to send Winter on its way. Make dream pillows for the family. Make a Brigit's Cross.
Add a circle of white candles to the Altar, each one represnting a goal that you would like to achieve in the coming year. Empower, then light during the ritual. Plant seeds. Purify your home with a house blessing. Offer milk to the Gods and pour outdoors onto the ground. Leave a bowl of milk outside for the animals.

Colours: White. Pale blue
Incense: Vanilla. Sandalwood.
Crystals: Amethyst. Rose Quartz.
Herbs: Eyebright. Angelica. Basil. Bay
Altar Decorations: Altar/Circle with white flowers, green wreath. White taper candles
Food: Dairy products. Onions. Leeks, foods that contain raisins. Creamy soups. White wine.

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