Wheel of the Year.
Southern Hemisphere.
Mabon (pronounced May-bon)
Autumn Equinox

Southern Hemisphere.
Date: 20th - 22nd March - When the Sun is at 0 degrees Aries .

Northern Hemisphere
Date:21st - 22nd September  - When the Sun is at 0 degrees Libra

Equinox means "equal night". On this Sabbat, day and night are equal forces, and now darkness is beginning to gain the ascendency.
Mabon is the second harvest festival and is held on the Autumn Equinox to celebrate the last fruits of the year.
Night and day are equal duration on this date, and you can feel the approach of winter and darkness.
The Lord is preparing for his death at Samhain, and the Lady is beginning to mourn his loss.
Rituals to honour this Sabbat include late season vegetables such as squash, nuts, sheaves of late wheat, and ears of corn. A cornucopia, a symbol of prosperity and plenty, is a nice addition to your altar at this time. Some like to hold feasts or do food magick on this holiday.

Harvesting the main crop.
Taking stock of what has served you well and what has not.
Determining what needs repairing before the dark comes.
Preparation for harder times.

Mabon also provides us with an opportunity to remove any unwanted baggage that we have been dragging about with us. Accepting that there are darker aspects to life [as well as our own personalities] and embracing them instead of ignoring them we can overcome or over

Colours: Orange, Brown, Russet.
Incense: Pine, Sage, Myrrh.
Crystals: Peridot, Citrine, Chrysolite.
Herbs: Motherwort, Blessed Thistle, Sage..
Altar Decorations: Fallen leaves and flowers, grapes, berries, acorns, corn.
Food: Currant or dark grape wine or other fruity wine, nutbread, fruit pies, roasted chicken and hearty bean soup.

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