Magick Correspondences
Magick Days of the Week.

Choose the day to perform your spell that is in sync with your magick intent.
Example: A love spell is best performed on a Friday. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun.
Excellent for issues involving fathers or other authority figures. Leadership, money, prosperity and power. Also, good for focusing on health, vitality, energy and happiness.

Monday: Ruled by the Moon.
Excellent for issues involving mothers, nurturing, fertilty and growth. Divination, beauty and help with women's issues.

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars.
Courage, success and lust. Issues dealing with violence, competition, conflict or survival. Questions of money, endurance and leadership.

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury.
Communications in general, written or spoken word, all form of study, learning and teaching. Issues with addictions. Also, self improvement.

Thursday: Ruled by Jupiter.
Growth and expansion, business, prosperity, abundance, success and health. Focus your magick on the big issues in your life.

Friday: Ruled by Venus.
Love, beauty, romance, pleasure, comfort and luxury. Also, magical work involving healing, protection, loyality, fidelity, trustworthiness.

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn.
Divination and psychic abilities. Karmic lessons, the elderly, illness, death and end of life issues. Also a good time to do binding spells and to deal with constrictions, limitations, or infidelity.

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Timing for Magick.

Moon Phrases.

Full: The moon is full in the sky. Full energy. Perfect for attraction spells and a time to find your purpose in life.
Great time for Esbat Ritual. Psychic ability stronger.

Waning: The moon is growing smaller in the sky. This happens after the full moon and begore a new moon. A great time to do spells to get rid of something you don't want in your life any more. eg: bad habit, addictions of all kinds or any negative belief.

Dark and New: No moon visible in  the sky. A time of rest. Great time for spells that ask for peace and creative flow.The dark Moon is the day before the New Moon. Experienced witches use the dark moon for powerful healing through positive hexing. New moon is for new starts and beginning projects.

Waxing: The moon is growing larger in the sky. This happens after the new moon and before the full moon. Energy is growing and expanding. A great time for spells with the purpose of growth and moving toward something you want. Eg: more money, positive relationships, good health, better job.

Other Timings.

Sunrise: New beginnings, New projects, Creativity spells.
Sunset: Completions, help for projects.
Midday: Asking for an increase of power, confidence and strength.
Midnight: The witching hour, asking for self knowledge, asking for help from our ancestors.

12 Moons for Southern Hemisphere.

January:  Wort Moon
February: Barley Moon
March: Harvest Moon
April: Blood Moon
May: Cold Moon
June: Oak Moon
July: Wolf Moon
August: Chaste Moon
September: Seed Moon
October: Flower Moon
November: Dyad Moon
December: Honey Moon

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