Everyone of us is psychic.
Some more than others.

Have you been thinking of someone that you haven't heard from in a while and then moments later they phone you?
Have you had a dream about someone and then heard from them within the next day or two?
Have you walked into a room and instantly felt uncomfortable?
Have you meet someone and instantly don't like them?
Have you felt a feather touch on your face or felt someone touch your hand?
Have you ever sensed you are being watched or heard someone call your name and there is no-one there?
What about, seeing something out the corner of your eye and when you look, there is nothing there.

We all have these psychic experiences, we just don't notice it most of the time.
Developing your psychic or mediumship skills takes time.
How long depends on your natural ability and your determination to work at it.
There are a lot of reasons that you may not feel that your intuition is working lol.
Such as your mood, state of mind, health, education, time of the day can all affect how your intuition feels.
Some people are naturally more intuitive than others.
Psychic ability is like any other skill, you need to practice.

The class on the 1st Wednesday of each month is to help you develop your intuition and psychic gifts.
Clairvoyance - Seeing.
Clairaudience - Hearing.
Clairsentience - Feeling.
Claircognience - Knowing.

In each class we will be practicing exercises including:
Spiritual Healing.
Mini Readings.

Psychic Development

The 1st Wednesday of each month
Time: 6:45pm - 9pm
Cost $25.00
A cuppa and snack included.

Bring your Oracle or Tarot cards.

Book Early.

Bookings are essential.
Contact Doreen. info@sunzmoonz.com

Psychic Development.
In Craigieburn. Melbourne.

Doreen Van Boxtel
Psychic, Healer, Tarot, Teacher, Melbourne

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