Psychic Readings in Craigieburn. Melbourne.
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Psychic Readings using Tarot cards, Numerology, Guides and intuition.
Doreen can guide you in all areas of your life, career, love and relationships and your finances.

As a qualified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, her insight and sensitivity assists personal healing with the assistance of Spirit Guides and Angels.
Doreen has been passionate about Tarot, Numerology and Astrology for over 25 years.
Doreen is an intuitive Tarot Reader.
Her messages are intuitive, sincere, direct and clear.
She uses her clairsentience in combination with her Tarot cards to channel answers.
Doreen has been passionate about healing for over 25 years.


A Graduate of Builders of the Adytum.
A Reiki /Seichim Master Teacher.
A Teacher of Tarot, Numerology, Reiki/Seichim and Chios Energy Healing.

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Readings are 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes.

Please Read Doreen's Code of Ethics before Booking A Reading.
Booking a Psychic Reading
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A Professional Member of the International Psychics Association.
A Member of the Australian Reiki Connection.
A Member of the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals

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I use Rider and Waite Tarot Cards and Numerology with guidance from my Spirit Guides. Please read my Code Of Ethics before you purchase a Reading.
You need to provide a question and Date of Birth. Please email Doreen

I will email the reading using a word document to you unless other specified.

With each Reading, you will receive your Souls Contract and your Personal Year Cycle.

Please allow up to 3 days. If your reading hasn't arrived within 3 days, please check your junk mail before contacting Doreen.

Sunz 'n' Moonz Oracle
Contact Doreen with all enquiries:
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1 Question Email Reading.

3 Cards.
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Life Guidance Email Reading.

You, Love, Finances, Career, Block in your Life, Your Life Purpose and any Pressing Question you have.
Email your question, Name and  Date of Birth to Doreen


Doreen Van Boxtel was named Psychic of the Year 2018 [Australia]