Reiki is easy to learn and easy to do.
It allows you to heal yourself and others.

The founder of Usui Reiki was Dr Mikao Usui. Born 15th August 1865 and died 9th March 1926.
We all know someone that could benefit from a Reiki treatment including ourselves.

Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being.

Reiki energies and heals the body.

It complements other health care and medical treatments.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Reiki can do "no harm".

Once attuned to Reiki you are permanently linked. No refresher course required.

Reiki has THREE levels.
Each level is completed separately.
A Manual, Lineage and Certificate are included in each level.

Doreen Has Been Teaching Reiki for over 20 years. I was first attuned to Reiki in 1992

Reiki I Course
Date: TBA
Time: 10am - 3:30pm
No pre-requisite
Contact Doreen:

What you will learn in Reiki 1
You learn how to heal yourself and others.
The Benefits of Reiki.
The History of Reiki.
The Principles of Reiki.
The Ethics of Reiki.
Doing Reiki Treatments on Self & Others.
Treating Children, Animals & Plants.
Establishing your own Healing Practice.
2 Day Course
A manual and Certificate is included.
Prerequisites: none

Reiki II
Reiki II enables you to work as a Professional Reiki Practioner.
Date: T.B.A
Time: 10am - 4:00pm

What you will learn in Reiki 2
Enhances your knowledge of Reiki.
You are taught three Sacred symbols and their uses.
Many Techniques for Distant healing.
Ethics in Reiki II.
Sending Distant Healing to the Earth.
Chakra Balancing on Self & Others.
A Manual and Certificate are included.
Prerequisites: Reiki I.

Reiki Master Teacher Course

Do you have an inner calling to teach Reiki?
This is the final step on your Reiki journey. BEING Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher Course.
Review of the Reiki Principles and self-practice techniques to deepen your connection to Reiki.
What is a Reiki Master.
Reiki Master Symbol.
Teaching Reiki. What to teach in each Reiki Level.
Reiki Ethics for Professional Practice.
Reiki Attunements for level 1, Level 2 and Master Level
Reiju Spiritual Blessing.
How to perform Reiju on your clients and students.
Reiki Emotional Programming.
Crystal Healing Grids.
Occupational Health and Safety.
Plus, ongoing support.

You will recieve a manual for each Reiki Level.
A Certificate & Reiki Lineage.
Pre-requisite: Reiki I & Reiki II
For Dates and More information contact Doreen

Reiki Courses in Craigieburn.

Contact Doreen with all enquiries:

Doreen Van Boxtel
Psychic, Healer, Tarot, Teacher, Melbourne

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